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Christopher Slottee

Vice President/ General Counsel

Old Harbor Native Corporation

Christopher J. Slottee is the Vice-President/General Counsel for Old Harbor Native Corporation. Mr. Slottee is a licensed attorney in the State of Alaska and provides legal services to Old Harbor Native Corporation and its subsidiaries, including supervising outside counsel and risk management.  Mr. Slottee began as General Counsel for Old Harbor Native Corporation in June of 2015. Prior to becoming General Counsel, Mr. Slottee represented Old Harbor Native Corporation in a variety of litigation and other legal matters as outside counsel, successfully resolving several lawsuits on the company’s behalf. As outside counsel, Mr. Slottee was a partner at the law firm of Atkinson Conway & Gagnon, in Anchorage, Alaska.  

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34th Annual Alaska Native Law Conference

Carl Marrs |  Christopher Slottee |  Kirsten Ball |  Hallie L Bissett |  Natasha Singh |  Erin Dougherty Lynch |  Christine Williams |  Matt Mead |  ....
5 Hours 10 Minutes
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