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Hallie L Bissett

Executive Director

Alaska Native Village Corporation Association

Ms. Hallie Bissett is currently serving as Executive Director of the Alaska Native Village Corporation Association (ANVCA). ANVCA represents the 176 for-profit village and urban corporations that were created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Ms. Bissett currently serves as a board member of Cook Inlet Region Incorporated (CIRI) the youngest person to ever be elected to that board, she has served there since 2009. She is Secretary Treasurer for The CIRI Foundation, the second largest private foundation in Alaska, and she also serves on the Alaska Native Heritage Month Inc. Board of Directors.

Bissett earned her undergraduate in Global Logistics Management and Master’s degree in Business both from University of Alaska Anchorage. She has served in various executive leadership positions in her career including Vice President of Business Development at Old Harbor Native Corp, Team Leader of Contractor Safety and Supplier Diversity at BP Exploration, and Logistics and International Trade Director at Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. 

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34th Annual Alaska Native Law Conference

Carl Marrs |  Christopher Slottee |  Kirsten Ball |  Hallie L Bissett |  Natasha Singh |  Erin Dougherty Lynch |  Christine Williams |  Matt Mead |  ....
5 Hours 10 Minutes
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